breakfast - all day

Toast 5.5
Organic Sourdough, organic soy linseed
Rye, gluten free add 1

 w/ Vegemite, honey & Nutella or house made jam,
marmalade & ‘Elvis style’ peanut butter

Raisin toast 5.5
w/ cinnamon sugar  add 1

Butter & jam 4
Ham & cheese 6.5

House made muffin
of the day 4.5
Date and walnut loaf 3.5
Banana, pistachio, walnut bread 4.5

Acai fruit bowl 12.9
w/ banana & house made granola

 House made macadamia 12.9
& chia granola
w/ stewed fruit & milk

Porridge of the Day 10.5

Classic vanilla pancakes 13.9
Ice cream & lots of maple syrup

 Brioche French toast 14.5
Bacon, grilled banana & maple syrup

 Classic bacon & egg roll 7.5

The little beaut 10.5
Bacon & egg roll w/ rocket, house made
relish & aioli

Breakfast Panini’s 8.5
- Ham, cheese, tomato, basil
& Dijon mustard
- Sundried tomato, caramelised onion,
basil & provolone

Eggs on toast 10.9
2 organic free range eggs poached,
fried or scrambled

All served with organic sourdough

Sides 3.5
Asparagus, 1/2 avocado, bacon, chorizo,
beef chipolatas,extra egg,
haloumi, kumara hash, mushrooms,
roast tomato, wilted spinach

Smoked salmon, 4.5
Turkey bacon

OMG BLT 13.5
Bacon, avocado, rocket, tomato
w/ house made aioli on Italian soccolli

Scramble special 14.5
Omelette special 16.5

 Smoked salmon, cream cheese
w/ rocket 14.5

Smashed Avocado W/ Crumbled Feta,
& truffle oil
w/ Poached Eggs 17.5

Breakfast melt 15.5
2 free range organic poached eggs,
avocado & parmesan

Eggs Benedict
- Florentine w/garlic mushrooms 17.5
-Ham & provolone 17.5
- Smoked salmon & asparagus 18.9

Hippie feast 18.5
2 free range organic eggs w/ herb roasted tomato,
garlic mushrooms, kumara hash
& wilted spinach

Big breakfast 19.5
2 free range organic eggs w/ bacon, chorizo,
herb-roasted tomato,
garlic mushrooms & kumara hash 

Protein Packed Breakfast 20.5
2 free range organic eggs w/ Turkey
Bacon, Beef chipolatas, Chorizo,
herb-roasted tomato &
garlic mushrooms